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By the end of this semester you could have...
  • Better grades in high school or college.
  • A positive attitude towards homework and school in general.
  • Better class attendance and engagement.
  • A calm, relaxed attitude towards tests and exams.
  • Great scores on all your tests.
  • The motivation to do well in high school or college, to get a great job and achieve your goals and dreams in life.

Dear Students and Parents,

If you’d like to secure the very best education and future, then this page will show you how it can easily be achieved.

My name is Dr. David Sewell. In my hypnotherapy practice I’ve been helping students do better in school for years.

I also worked as a teacher for nearly 20 years.

Throughout these two careers I’ve learned something very important.
Any student can achieve...

  • A new found enthusiasm for their studies.
  • A dramatic improvement in their test scores.
  • A positive attitude toward studying, life, and career goals.

All they have to do is follow the straightforward and incredibly easy system that I’ve developed. I’m here to help students to become everything they can be in life by excelling at their studies.

Think about this for a moment:

Have you really considered what it could mean for your son or daughter's future, and your life, if they have a bad attitude towards education and school, or just aren't performing to the best of their ability?

It’s no secret that having a good education is the key to success in life.

Education is like a foundation for a building.

Without a good foundation, it’s hard to build a successful life, right?

So the message is clear:

Poor academic results or dropping out of school go hand in hand with a lot of pain and hardship in life.

But try telling that to your son or daughter, right?

If you’re like most parents I talk to every day, you may be blue in the face telling your son or daughter to study and do their home work.

You may have tried everything to get it into their head that education is important

But they still show a lack of interest and still don’t know how
important their education is.

This is the case for thousands of students in the country today
and I have found the reason for this to be quite simple.

Want to know why?

Here’s the real secret to getting students to excel in school

Think about this for a moment:

  • What happens in life when someone tells you what to do?
  • If you’re like most people there is generally some resistance, right?
  • No one likes being told what to do and think.
  • Well, if you want to get different results, you’re going to have to try something different!
  • This is where hypnosis comes in.
  • Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and all its resistance and goes straight to work on the subconscious mind.
  • This creates powerful changes from the inside out.

Oprah Winfrey has also talked about the power of hypnosis on her show.

And it’s not just celebrates that talk about the dramatic effects hypnosis can have on your life. Many prestigious and well-respected universities have studied the amazing power of hypnosis to help people find the results you’re looking for!

Even the Smithsonian Magazine,

the official publication of the Smithsonian Institute, one of the country’s foremost research institutions, has publically praised the power of hypnosis.

...”hypnosis is employed today to combat phobias, control
bad habits and enhance performance."

Even Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were known to use self-hypnosis in their pursuit of math and science.

We’ve all heard of people who achieve all sorts of success in their lives like giving up smoking, losing weight and improved sports performance using self-hypnosis.

The power of hypnosis to bring effective and often effortless change is well-known in the scientific community.

Many famous people and well-respected universities have used hypnosis to achieve the results you want.

This is because the hypnotherapist can communicate with their subconscious mind and create new and healthy attitudes in their conscious mind.

These changes then occur in their life effortlessly.

Well, what about education and creating a new and positive attitude in your son or daughter toward school from the inside out.

Just imagine...

  • No more constantly having to remind your son or daughter to do their homework.
  • No more trying to get them to study and see the value of their education.
  • No more worrying about their future.

Well, this is very possible when you know what to do, and I do it every day with all types of students of all ages with all levels of ability.

My program helps students have better grades and
is based on the latest advances in neuroscience.

A new scientific breakthrough that can help create a brighter future for students...

Scientists have recently discovered that emotions are what create motivation and decision making in people.

At the same time they have isolated the parts of the brain that controls emotion and the parts of the brain that can be influenced to create positive emotions and inspiration towards anything....including study, schoolwork, and grades.

My program uses hypnotic suggestion to connect directly with this part of the mind, creating new and positive attitudes towards education and school work.

I call it the...

It comes in the form of 5 special hypnotic recordings that students can listen to anytime or at bedtime just before they drift off.

All of these recordings are designed to transform their attitude towards education and school into a positive, healthy one.

My recordings help students get better grades.

I do this by tapping into the part of their brain that influences emotions, inspiration and decision making.

As they listen to my recordings some wonderful changes start to happen. Their attitude toward their school work will improve and you will start to see a positive change in their behavior.

High school or college will become more enjoyable and their level of productivity, focus and grades will start to noticeably improve. A new inspiration and enthusiasm about school will be created. Students will be more emotionally connected to their school work and their future.

Dr. Sewell's program is easy,
it's affordable and it works!

  • It's easy because students usually listen to it when they go to bed at night.
  • It's affordable because we've priced it that way so it's affordable for every family or every student.
  • And, it works because students can immediately start to see the benefits of Dr. Sewell's program.

Here is just a brief taste of what you
will get inside the...

Make Me A Better Student Program™


Programming for Academic Success

A strong emotional connection to their education and their future to help them succeed.

A strong positive emotional connection to doing well in school.

The ability to achieve their goals.

The ability to perceive school just like all the good students do so they follow the same path to success.

Powerful subconscious programming suggestions that practically guarantee success.

Access to their inner power that will guide them to do well in school and in life.

A new found importance and value on grades and their GPA.

A new and positive connection between the value of good grades and a great life.



Better note taking ability.

Better participation in class.

The inner knowledge that their destiny is in their own hands and they can create all the abundance and opportunities they want.

The recognition that all of their classes have a purpose and a value… even the ones they don’t care so much about.

A belief that classes have a real part to play in helping create that cool, interesting life they really want.

How to assign a goal to each class for more focus and success.

How to align with the mindset of people who have the most success and opportunities in life.

A powerful inner drive and commitment to achieve.

A new found sense of purpose and determination.

The recognition that a teacher is a friend and wants to help.


Getting Things Done

Improvement in homework.

Better time management skills.

Eliminate procrastination.

Cutting edge powerful ways to achieve goals.

How to link school work directly with a wonderful life.

How to instantly maximize productivity.

The power to move motivation levels through the roof with one simple trick.

The ability to cut out distractions that keep students from doing well in school.

A new plan to use every day that will help your child breeze through school work.

The secret to maximizing performance in each and every school assignment.



Prepare better for tests.

A relaxed and confident feeling when taking tests.

Reduced test anxiety.

The ability to dramatically improve quiz and test scores.

Recognition of their innate intelligence and skills.

The best way to study for exams.



Increased self esteem.

Increased self confidence.

The power and ability to achieve anything they want in life.

A deep connection to their inner sprit that skyrockets self esteem.

How to find the balance between work, play and spontaneity.

How to view life in such a way that each day is a new adventure.

How to keep the promise you have made to yourself about what you want to achieve.

The Make Me A Better Student Program™
is one of the best investments that can be
made in a student's education and
future and ... here’s why!

The reason for this is simple.

There are many books and CDs on the market on how to improve your son or daughter’s academic performance but you need to ask yourself this...

What good and how effective are all the books and CDs when the inner drive, personal motivation, inspiration and emotional connection to success are not there?

Again it comes back to the “foundation” idea... remember?

If there is no foundation or personal motivation and inspiration deep within the subconscious mind to succeed, then all conscious efforts to succeed will fail.

On the other hand, once you have the deep down motivation in place to succeed there is no limit to what can be achieved.

How much is your son or daughter’s education and future happiness worth?

Look at these amazing testimonials

Act today and order Dr. Sewell’s

Make Me A Better Student Program™ now

and you will receive the following three bonuses:

Hey there! My name is Brooke and I just entered my first year of college. I really love school and enjoy learning. However, with such a large transition from high school to college, it’s a pretty big task to keep up your grades while avoiding all of the stress as well. I heard about your program from a close friend of mine and once I started listening to the MP3’s every night I found that I was getting better with time management, being more confident in myself and my school work, and less stressed out with my exams. I’ve actually raised my grades in most all of my classes too. I love listening to the MP3’s and I’ve even recommended the program to my roommates who were having some trouble in school as well. This program is fantastic and I feel much more confident with my ability to do well in school.

- Brooke H., Tampa, FL

Hi, my name is Benny and I always made straight A's in high school. High school was easy for me since I never had to study. However, when I got to college things changed. I started making C's and D's my first semester and knew I had to do something, but partying and going out with my friends was more tempting. I'm so glad my girlfriend introduced me to this program. I'm now able to balance partying with my studies.

- Benny S, Louisville, Kentucky

HI I’m Brittney, I was having some trouble getting myself to study or even see a project through to the end. Well, a friend of mine told me about this program he was using that was helping him with the same problems I was having. When he told me it was hypnosis sessions I was skeptical, but I didn't think I had anything to lose so I tried it. Once I began listening, within a couple of weeks I noticed in myself a stronger motivation to study. I didn't have to fight myself.
All I had to do was listen to the sessions each night. I am really glad I found this program. I think that if anyone who is having problems with motivation and doing their school work and needs help to do better in school should try out this program! I love it and it is super easy to use!

- Brittney R. Gilroy, CA

Hi, my name is Jarrett. I just wanted to leave a testimonial for the program and let you know how your hypnosis program has helped my daughter in her studies.
First off, it's very simple in that all she had to do was listen to an MP3 every night before bed, while relaxed. After going through all the recordings, she started to see results right away in her grades and in her attitude toward school. Now, in less than two months, she has a B+ average for the first time in years.

- Jarrett S., Columbia, SC

1 Bonus One

*$40 Value

5 Additional Bonus Recordings free if you invest today to help a student excel even further!

Each of the five topics of Dr. Sewell’s program includes a bonus recording for a total of 5 bonus sessions at no additional charge.

Each bonus recording is a 30 minute “easy listening” music track which is packed full of powerful subliminal messages to reinforce the gains your son or daughter has made with the foundation program. You can find all of the subliminal messages listed in question #17 in the FAQ section of our website.

Listen to the subliminal recordings anytime of the day or night.

These messages will go deep into their subconscious mind and create incredible results in their school work and future opportunities.

Here are just some of the benefits of listening to these subliminal suggestions...

  • Becoming a better student.
  • Having the power to create a life with destiny and focus.
  • The power to study diligently and with purpose.
  • The knowledge and belief that decisions a person makes determines their destiny.
  • The power to create any kind of life imaginable.
  • Better attention and powers of concentration in class.
  • Motivation to achieve school goals and life goals.
  • The ability to find study and school interesting.
  • A life of success and personal achievement.

2 Bonus Two

*$22 Value

This ebook will save students a fortune when they go to college or even if they’re already in college.

It’s packed full of money-saving tips including:

  • The no sweat, no brainer way to budget your money at college so you never run out.
  • How to keep track of spending without having to scrimp on the essentials.
  • The single best way to manage your entertainment money so you have an active social life.
  • Credit card spending tricks to keep you out of trouble.
  • Dealing with roommates for hassle-free, great friendships.
  • How to limit your spending without having to limit your fun.
  • And, much more.

3 Bonus Three

*$22 Value

Inside this ebook you will discover exactly how to prepare for college, including:

  • The sure way to plan your high school curriculum for success.
  • Secret techniques for preparing for the SAT or the ACT to maximize success.
  • How to discuss college financing with your parents the easy way.
  • Fastest known way to develop a list of potential colleges.
  • Visiting colleges the easy way.
  • How to handle college applications.
  • Everything you need to know about meeting deadlines.
  • Making the most of the summer before college.
  • Exactly what supplies you need if you will be living away from home.
  • And, much more.

This value-packed program is a powerful investment in any student's future…here’s why:

When it comes to the future of our children, it’s impossible to put a price on it.

As we have mentioned already…getting good grades and getting a good education is the key to:

  • Future Career Success
  • Greater Earning Potential
  • Happiness, Fulfillment and Contentment in Life

The difference between a good education and a poor one can mean the difference between a six figure salary versus minimum wage.

It can mean the difference between seeing your child succeed on all levels in life or watching them struggle and perhaps relying on you to look after them.

And who would want that, right?

Let’s take a look at why this course is an incredible value.

You can invest in Dr. Sewell’s Make Me A Better Student Program™ today for just...


for the MP3 version
Regular retail price $57

Why such an incredibly low price?

Well, the answer is simple.

Word is spreading fast about the Make Me A Better Student Program™ and this site is packed with testimonials.

I want even more though.

I want the Make Me A Better Student Program™ to become the most talked about revolutionary tool online for helping students to excel at school and in life in general.

For that to happen I need your help so all I ask is this...

Pick up your copy of this life changing course today and send me a quick testimonial in a few weeks about how great you are doing and tell your friends about our program.

That is all I ask in return for providing you with this time limited special low price.

And don’ forget...

Act now and you also get three Fast Action Bonuses

absolutely free.

That’s $140 worth of product and bonuses that any student can use right now to create a brighter future for the super low price of $37.

YES! I Want To Gain Access To The

Make Me A Better Student Program™

I understand that I will be creating a better future for my children and giving them the best opportunity to get a great education and succeed in life.

5 Additional Recordings

Value $40

“37 Ways To Prepare For College”

Value $22

“Curbing College Debt”

Value $22

Total Value over $140!

I understand this offer is available for a limited time only and that it can be withdrawn at any time.

If for any reason whatsoever you or your son or daughter feels that the program is not living up to expectations, if they fail to develop a new, positive attitude toward school, goals and life; if they don’t notice a significant reduction in test anxiety and a significant improvement in academic performance, simply contact me for a full refund. You get 90 days to try my program risk-free!


Dr. David Sewell AP, C.Ht.

  • P.S. Stop worrying about your son or daughter’s future and get them the tools they need!
  • P.P.S. Remember, this is a limited time offer. Order now before prices go up!

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Make Me A Better Student Program™

I understand that I will be creating a better future for my children and giving them the best opportunity to get a great education and succeed in life.

5 Additional Recordings

Value $40

“37 Ways To Prepare For College”

Value $22

“Curbing College Debt”

Value $22

Total Value over $140!

I understand this offer is available for a limited time only and that it can be withdrawn at any time.

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